Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Just the Beginning
Registration day has come and gone, and we now have 33 incredible, revivalist students! We are anticipating that a few more will arrive this next week as some are still waiting on their visas.

We had a long, 4 day, weekend for Easter. So, we as school staff were able to welcome the students to the base and spend their first days getting to know one another, playing games, and having community over mealtimes.
The more students I met, the more I felt God give me His love and joy for this school. The excitement and anticipation has only increased!
Something else that was really awesome was that the students that were here for Easter Sunday were able to come to our house and join the service. They were able to meet some of the other base staff, celebrate our risen King, and mingle over great food. It was a sweet time of gathering for this special day, and we've already heard from a few of the students how much it impacted them being there.

This first week is filled with introductions and just getting settled in. Next week we will begin with the topic, 'The Father Heart of God' with Mike Oman. I can't wait for this week because when we gain a deeper understanding of God as our father, it really transforms the way we think and also opens us up to trust God in whole new ways.

Thank you for praying for this school during our preparations. It really couldn't have gone any better! But I would encourage you to continue praying for this Revive DTS! And please, if you have any words or impressions, don't hesitate to send them my way :) That would be super encouraging.

                                                           Specific Prayer Points: 
                                                              One of our staff members, Zach, is in the hospital for     Malaria. He hasn't been able to be involved in this first week of the DTS which, I'm sure you could guess, is pretty hard for him. But we know that our Father is the ultimate healer and are praying for complete restoration over his body! 
                                                             Also, we have a student named Harly who is from Indonesia. He finally got his visa and was working on booking his flight to Germany, however all of his money was stolen from him. So, now, we are standing in faith with him that God will provide the finances and quickly! He is still very adamant in coming, so it would be incredible if you would stand with us in prayer for him!