Monday, February 11, 2013

Two weeks ago, God provided finances and transportation for me to be able to go to a DTS Foundations workshop at the YWAM base in Amsterdam. It changed my perspective on so many things and I was extremely encouraged. It was so helpful to go back to the beginning and learn about the original vision of YWAM and why they run Discipleship Training schools. By the end of the week, I became even more excited about staffing the Revive school in April. There was so much to be taken away from this week of training.

The student applications continue to roll through and God is constantly showing us His faithfulness in the many things that come to play!

The school begins April 2nd and we are expecting to know outreach locations before then. I will be excited to share with you where God is allowing me to lead a team once I find out! I so appreciate your prayers for not only me, but the students that are constantly coming and going from our base. I am so thankful that my Father has lead me to Herrnhut, this community, and a life where I get to see, first-hand, transformation in the lives of young adults. It fills me with so much joy :)

I hope this is encouraging to you, and I would also love to hear about what God is doing in your life. So, if you ever want to share anything please email me!