Monday, May 6, 2013

                   The Team
 At the end of June, for eight weeks, I will be leading an outreach to the Philippines! It will be myself, one other leader, and fourteen awesome students. This week we will be working more on communicating with contacts there and deciding which ministries we will work with. I am very excited to bring the love of Jesus to the Filipinos and get to know a new culture, considering this will be my first visit. I remember my school outreach and how much those experiences shaped me, so I am quite excited to see what the students will learn from these eight weeks in a foreign country. 
I will need to raise 1,825 euro before we leave. This will provide me with a flight there & back to Germany, transportation within the country, food / housing, and being able to bless the ministries that we work with.

I would really appreciate your prayers, and also your consideration to support this trip financially. I would love to have people who would enjoy partnering with me in what God is doing. Whether you are back in the United States, or in the mission field, it all works hand-in-hand when it comes to the Kingdom of God! 

I will update you with more information regarding this outreach as I find it out myself :)

You are awesome!